the sea at beach Zala on a windy afternoon
the sea at beach Zala on a windy afternoon

Beach Zala

Named after the bay itself; Zala Draga, this beach is one of the more popular beaches where you still can park your car in the direct neighborhood without doing a lot of walking and/or climbing. Parking your car is free directly in the neighborhood of the main road. There is someone which claims to have some land, if you park on this part there are chances parking money is being asked but we haven't got anything to do with this.

The beach however is serviced by us. With a little cabin, drinks, ice and sandwiches are offered to make the stay on the beach a bit more convenient. And talking about convenience, you don't need to move your car when you are staying at our house because beach Zala is within walking distance (approximately 600 meters which is about 5 minutes)

beach Zala on Victory Day (5 August)
beach Zala on Victory Day (5th of August)

There are various ways to entertain yourself, float around on your air matrass or take a jump from the cliff (be careful though!)

cliff jumping at beach Zala
cliff jumping at beach Zala

There is a beautiful drone video of beach Zala, feel free to watch it to get a good impression of this beach;

beach Zala seen from the air

Beach Zala has of course it's own domain name and Facebook page, check us out at Give us a like and see you at the beach!

Zala @Youtube

As of April 2017 Zala has it's own live channel on Youtube. Be aware that you only see a part of the beach, this is how the complete beach looks on a busy summer day.