Otok Krk - Stara Baska live webcam

This webcam is pointed to the south where you can see island Grgur and island Rab in the distance. Every two minutes the image on this website gets updated. When the night kicks in there is not much to see. Sadly the sensor is not sensitive enough to catch all the stars in a night with a clear sky. It is an impressive sight sometimes. During the day the sea can tell a lot about the weather, it's not only a nice view but it's also possible to learn something. So if you are interested come and watch regularly.

Oh, and the light drops in the evening/night is no humid or rain. It's sea salt! There is so much sea salt in the air that it's not really possible to clean the camera every two days. Sorry for that. On the other end, it's very healthy dry air which cleans your air ways.

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